Asics Tennis Shoes Women | Women Shoes

I've bought 4 style Asics running shoes in the last 3 years and these are my favourite! My outlets to determine that these are "good" sneakers:

Asics Tennis Shoes Women | Women Shoes

100% Synthetic
Asics high Abrasion Rubber sole
Rugged neutral runner in mesh with bright overlays
GEL Cushioning System
Removable foam sockliner accommodates orthotics
Trail-specific outsole with multisurface traction
High-abrasion rubber

1.) Toe area-if there is not enough space on the toes, I have problems with my toes becoming numb. To fit in, I usually order a size 10 and tie it tightly in normal shoes (when I wear a 9 or 9.5). This causes my shoes to be worn faster, usually in heels, because they come a bit side by side, but my toes don't go numb after my daily 4-mile walk.
2.) Comfort-this includes Belt support and general cushioning. My knees hurt, so I can tell when cushioning will start with sneakers. Mine takes almost 3 months when worn for 4 miles a day.
3.) Wit-I'm sorry I'm arrogant, but I want sneakers to be cute and pink on them. Buying, that's just a few. Judge me if you have to ;)
4.) Easy to wear / take off-I hate to untie my shoes, so I like that there's a loop behind them, so I can wear them with minimal unlacing (lazy).
5.) Doesn't make cake in mud/mud-in loose mud, I often encounter dirt and mud sticking to my soles, so I prefer Asics styles, let's say K-Swiss, because the soles don't have a lot of "hiding places" to pack into the mud.

I compared it.:
ASICS Women's come-Venture 5 is always my favourite for the pillow and Belt support as well as the toes, and she wears it well.
The ASICS Women's Gel-contend 3-is wider in the arch region, but narrower in the toes and heels.
ASICS Women's come-scram 2-big toe space but doesn't have much arch support to talk about (though super cute!)
ASICS Women's come Frequency 2 is actually a walking shoe and is much less "stiff" and lighter, but gives it a flimsy feel and sits briefly behind the heel, so it's a bit awkward.

When I say that these shoes are "well worn," I mean that they don't look like they're shredded even after a lot of use/clothing. The only wear indicators they show are some wear on the inside of the heels, but probably some wear only half a size too large and where the inside fabric meets the (pink) lace holes. (Refer to the images)

Overall, I love these shoes as the best I've tried on Asics as well as Adidas, Saucony, Vibram and K-Swiss, and I won't deviate from the GEL-Venture 5 shoes again. I love them and I don't think it's going to get any better than that :)

I just love these shoes. My feet and sciatic nerves haven't been the same since I was pregnant. I'm a teacher, so I stand on my feet a lot! Since I bought these shoes, I haven't had any problems with my feet, waist or sciatic nerve. The support on this shoe is excellent. If you have any foot problems, I highly recommend these shoes. And they are also very cute!

Comfortable and flexible, in depth. I work as a nurse and only wear ASIC. Because of the swelling of one foot, when I went to my leg (which turned out to be Arthritis of a broken foot when I was young), he strongly recommended ASICS. Most of my colleagues wear them. The 12-16 hour shifts on your feet are definitely not fun, but my feet feel great with these shoes and I'm 60 and I've been working as a nurse for 30 years. I will continue to buy and recommend them.

These are some of the best running shoes I've ever had. He has a 16 - year-old injury (L ankle, all ligaments torn) and a 2-year-old injury (R foot-plate and shattered metatarsal with 6 screws). I have scoliosis and I'm 12 years old after T4-L5 spinal fusion ... my body is telling me to stop exercising and I refuse! With all these injuries, comes weakness and re-injury and a lot of concussion when you're running. These shoes have excellent shock absorption-no more low back pain, knee pain or ankle pain from hitting the pavement, nor any more pain in my broken foot. There's room to wear an ankle bandage (a flexible bandage, not bulky, but still a solid bandage). I love the little pull lever on the heel for extra traction, pulling the shoe with this bandage to create a comfortable fit. I have very narrow feet with high arches and I still get excellent overall support from these shoes. I'm consistently 9.5 psychic in all shoe types. I noticed a lot of people said they found these shoes short and would go half a size up-I didn't do that and at 9.5 I was a perfect fit with good room in the foot box. Could it be because my feet are too tight? Maybe wider feet will find these too small...? Overall, these are great value for money for my needs. I hope this has been useful information for buyers looking for comparisons between my feet and my feet :)

I'd give it six stars if I could. I never bought ASICS, so I wasn't sure if they were appropriate or if they would fit their reputation. I have wide feet with Plantar fasciitis and wear anything from 9 to 10.5 to 11, depending on the brand. I used the sizing tool and ended up with a 9.5 D, which should be like 9.5 W.they fit perfectly with my wide feet. There's a lot of space on the toe, but not enough to make them too big. They have a nice belt and are very comfortable. Over time they haven't caused me any foot pain;they're very comfortable, I don't want to take them off. Obviously, I'm a bit overweight and a novice runner, so I don't have a lot to compare them to.

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